At Sonder Studio mindful consumption is something that we think about a lot. We design our clothes to be your forever pieces, an investment for your wardrobe, quality clothes that will always be loved. We don’t believe in throw-away fashion or sending our clothes to landfill.

Our styles are versatile and are designed to be worn in different ways, so you can create multiple looks with each item. Dress them up or down, wear them from one season to the next.


Denim Jumpsuit

Our buying and design team is committed to making better choices in the fabrics we use, so that they are kinder to the planet and help limit our footprint.

We are choosing more materials and yarns that are certified as organic and recycled, using more responsible practices in the manufacturing of our range.

We have started our journey and we promise to continue to increase the use of environmentally-friendly fabric and yarns within our collections.

By Autumn Winter 2021, 60% of our clothing range will be sourced sustainably, either through the materials they are made of or the responsible production practices they support.

Below are some of the sustainably-sourced materials that we are already using within our collections and which we plan to use more throughout our ranges.


BCI cotton

Better Cotton

We are a proud member of the Better Cotton. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. However, Better Cotton Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we ‘source.’ We are committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton as ‘more sustainable cotton’ by 2025. ‘More sustainable cotton’ includes Better Cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton. For more information, please visit



Organic Cotton


Organic Cotton

Some of our products are made with organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, leading to healthier soil and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Recycled Polyester

A more sustainable option than conventional polyester. Choosing recycled polyester reduces the production of virgin material and is a way of preventing plastic waste from ending up in landfill.



TENCEL™ branded fibres are derived from sustainable wood sources and made using eco-responsible production methods. All TENCEL™ fibres are biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.



LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded viscose fibers are produced using pulp, which is derived from the renewable resource wood. Lenzing is resourcing wood from responsibly managed forests and is derived from certified and controlled wood sources. The manufacturing of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG.ECOVERO™ fibers generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG.


Leather Working Group

We are a member of the Leather Working Group, a non-for-profit organisation responsible for the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. We joined in 2022 to support more responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of the Leather Working Group. For more information, please visit 


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